Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good news from the
French Quarter!

Hurricane Katrina may have subsided, but the work of rebuilding New Orleans goes on. I am very happy to have heard from Jeff Chaz, a screamin', kick-ass blues guitarist whom I met in the Quarter one sultry August day several years ago. He is the Real Deal. He is pitching his new CD. Go to and put yourself on Jeff's mailing list to qualify for his special deal. So while you're out buying my merch at for the holidays, you can put Jeff's CD high on your list, too.

I just want to thank you, all of my wonderful fans that have bought my cds at my live shows in New Orleans, and on tour.

Now that Hurricane Katrina is over, I'm back home in New Orleans, and have a special offer, only for my fans on my Fan Mailing List. Everyone else must order online or at a cd store. My latest cd, JEFF CHAZ IN EXILE has 12 great original songs,and is almost all recorded live in the studio! It's got a hot, live feel with a great four piece blues band that really has a blues-New Orleans music sound.

To order signed copies directly from me,please send a check or money order for $15.00($18.00 for foreign orders) to:

JCP Records
PO Box 9669
Pensacola, Florida 32513

All of my mail is sent immediately to me in New Orleans by my partner, so don't worry! When I can get another PO Box here in the French Quarter, all mail will automatically be sent to me here,but anything sent to Florida will still be sent to me by the Post Office automatically. I really need my fans' support at this time,so please order your auto graphed copies of JEFF CHAZ IN EXILE today. Get extras for friends and family! Thanks for your continued support.

Jeff Chaz

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