Thursday, September 20, 2007

A remote shiva visit:
More about our beloved Dad, Father in Law
and Zaidy

We visited Dad just before the kids went off to camp. It was a great time, and he was so lively and beautiful to be with. Here's one snippet of Dad singing "Kinder Yor'n" and you can find the rest of the snippets at

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My dad's updated funeral information

The funeral of Abraham Moshe Szedlecki, son of Daniel Szedlecki
Feb. 14 1914 - Sept. 15 2007

DATE Sunday, Sept. 16
TIME 1 p.m.
PLACE Beth Radom Section, Mount Sinai cemetery (Wilson Avenue just east of Keele Street)

The graveside funeral will be officiated by Rabbi Steven Schoenfeld of Beth Radom synagogue, which was our family's shul since my parents first came to Canada in 1953.

Immediately following the funeral, shiva will be held at Terrace Gardens (Bathurst Street, immediately south of the 401), which is where Dad lived out his final year. Mincha/maariv will be conducted at 7.30.

We will be sitting shiva at our home in New Jersey beginning Monday and concluding the following Friday morning. The shiva house in NJ will be open from 2 pm and we will have a mincha/maariv minyan at the house.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Abraham Szedlecki, z"l
Feb. 14, 1914 - Sept. 15, 2007

My father, Abraham Szedlecki, died peacefully today -- Saturday, Sept. 15, at 3.05 a.m. - of complications due to pneumonia. He was 93 years old. We are in the midst of funeral arrangements and are trying to book an 11 a.m. graveside funeral this Sunday, Sept. 16, at the Beth Radom section of the Mount Sinai cemetery on Wilson Avenue just east of Keele St. The funeral home is Steeles Memorial Chapel, and details will be hopefully be posted late Saturday night at

Lynda Kraar