Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Jackson competition figure skates Women Size 8 

Valued at $350.

  • Like new, rarely been used
  • All leather
  • Fully padded suede lining
  • Fits the foot and ankle snugly with lots of support
  • Mark IV made in England blades attached with screws

Comes with turquoise cordura nylon carrying case and blade covers

Friday, July 19, 2019


Wurlitzer piano

Wurlitzer piano

Wurlitzer piano bench

Wurlitzer piano bench

Wurlitzer piano

Wurlitzer piano

Entertainment center


Couch (covered in this photo, but in excellent cond. - brown microfibre)

fsh tank

reclining chair

reclining chair 
Oak veneer parquet side table

Samsung TV w/ remote

Magnavox VCR

Samsung TV remote

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Ride for the Living 2018: It's a Wrap!


Ride for the Living 2018: It's a wrap!

From this bike...
Starting line at Auschwitz with 200 participants
My ride.

To this! Finish line at the Krakow JCC!
Woo hoo!! YES!!

Took one day to rest my weary tushy! 


Saturday, June 30, 2018

111855 (aka Dad): WE DID IT!


DONE! Phew!

From this....
Starting line at Auschwitz ... with 200 participants
My ride.

To this! Finish line at the Krakow JCC!
Woo hoo!!!

I did it on very little sleep - not sure how anyone can sleep before such an undertaking! So when I felt myself starting to nod at the handlebars, I took a break and missed the third quarter of the ride. We bussed to the last segment of the trip and I continued. So all in all, about 40 miles - more than I've ever done in one day in my life on my good bike! I crossed the finish line. 

Dad, we sure showed those bastards not to fuck with us, didn't we?

Taking one day to rest my weary tushy! 

A more thoughtful post to come.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Englewood Resident to Participate in the Fifth Annual Ride For The Living

55-Mile Fundraising Bicycle Ride from Auschwitz to Krakow on June 29, 2018

Lynda Kraar of Englewood, NJ, will be traveling to Krakow, Poland, to participate in the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow’s fifth annual Ride for the Living during the JCC’s tenth birthday year. Kraar will be joining approximately 200 local JCC Krakow members, staff and friends from around the world to cycle the 55 miles from Auschwitz-Birkenau to the JCC to raise awareness and funds ensuring the future of Krakow’s Jewish community and supporting the 60 Holocaust survivors, as well as their children and grandchildren, at the JCC. Ride For The Living inspires participants to not only remember Poland’s Jewish past, but also to celebrate the miraculous rebirth of Jewish life taking place in Poland today despite all odds.

“What a thrill to be part of the 2018 Ride For The Living, said Kraar, a first-time participant although she is well acquainted with Poland. Kraar serves as North American consultant for the world-renowned Warsaw-based POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which opened four years ago and has already had 2.5 million visits. 
"The Jewish community that is thriving in Krakow, just a bike ride away from Auschwitz, is quite unfathomable, although its doable," said Kraar.

"The Ride will be especially meaningful for me because my father, who was tattooed in Auschwitz as 111855, walked out of the death camp at the very end of the war, and headed to Krakow to see what was left. After that my father reclaimed his name, Abram Siedlecki. In his memory I am riding with the moniker 111855.
"Today Poland is a welcoming place that is experiencing a Jewish renaissance. I am proud to be a part of the movement, as is my family," Kraar says.

If you are interested in supporting Kraar, please visit: More information can be found about the Ride For The Living at or by email at

About JCC Krakow

JCC Krakow was opened in April 2008 by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, and now serves as the focal point for the resurgence of Jewish life in Krakow with nearly 700 Jewish members. The center provides social and educational services to the local Jewish community, coordinates programming open to the entire Krakow community to foster Polish-Jewish relations and acts as Krakow's Jewish visitor center with over 125,000 visitors in 2017.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


“Console yourself and listen to the soundtrack of your life, as performed by Lynda Marks and Steve Roy: The Palisades. We promise to take you there.”


Steve Roy and Lynda Marks are singer/songwriters who have devoted a lifetime of dedication to their craft. Together they enjoy interpreting the music that shaped their formative years. The Palisades started bringing their music to their home state of New Jersey two years ago. They began making a name for themselves – The Palisades – and they became sought after in the area for their high lonesome vocal blend. In addition to their local performances, The Palisades volunteer their talents to Musicians on Call (, performing bedside for patients in New York City care facilities and hospitals.


·      Wake Up, Little Susie
·      Crimson and Clover
·      Love Hurts
·      Long Black Veil
·      Make You Feel My Love
·      Chains
·      Heard it Through the Grapevine
·      You Can't Hurry Love
·      Take It To The Limit
·      You Were Always On My Mind
·      Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 
·      Cryin’ In The Rain
·      A Case of You
·      If I Could Only Win Your Love
·      Lonely Girl
·      Mustang Sally
·      Some Day, Some Way
·      Broken
·      Heard It Through The Grapevine
·      Return of the Grievous Angel
·      Fly Like An Eagle
·      Honey Don’t
·      Memphis
·      Twilight Time
·      A Case of You
·      New Orleans Mardi Gras medley
·      Chelsea Hotel #2
·      City of New Orleans
·      Stir It Up/Woman No Cry
·      Hot Rod Lincoln
·      Caldonia
·      Guitar Town
·      Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right)
·      Fire and Rain
·      Desperado
·      Tell Him
·      I Want You To Want Me
·      Crying
·      Crying in the Rain
·      Maybelline
·      To Know Him, Is To Love Him 
·      Come On People Now, Get Together
·      Sweet Home Chicago 
·      Hallelujah
·      Blackbird
·      Deep River Blues
·      Why Worry
·      To Love Somebody
·      Birds Can Swim
·      To Know Him is to Love Him
·      Kansas City
·      Crazy Love
Plus our originals!


Giddy Up’s – AUSTIN TX
Baker Street Pub and Grill – AUSTIN TX
Speakeasy – AUSTIN TX
Mt. Sinai Hospital – NEW YORK NY
The Whiskey Kitchen – VALLEY COTTAGE NY
Growler and Gill – NYACK NY
Borderline Folk Festival – WEST NYACK NY
Hilltop Tavern – LODI NJ
South Street - NAPLES, FL

Free Times Café, TORONTO
De Soto’s, TORONTO

Dancing Camel Microbrewery – TEL AVIV

Coming up in 2018

Warsaw PL TBA
Krakow PL TBA
Vanderbilt Hospital, NASHVILLE TN
Winterfolk Festival, TORONTO CANADA

We are available for private parties and events.
We have our own complete sound system and all sound equipment.




The Knesset is just footsteps away from the Jerusalem Bird Observatory. Hey, let’s drop in.

The Knesset is just footsteps away from the Jerusalem Bird Observatory. Hey, let’s drop in.

Solar panels cover much of the roof of the Knesset as part of its "green building" initiative.

Mosaic floor in the spirit of Marc Chagall at the Knesset. — ‎at ‎The Knesset - הכנסת‎.‎

Leon with Mohamad Shmaia

, senior official of the Knesset Director General’s office.

The chamber of the Knesset. — ‎at ‎The Knesset - הכנסת‎.

The chamber of the Knesset. — ‎at ‎The Knesset - הכנסת‎.

With Leon Sokol at the Knesset.

As part of the Knesset’s green initiative, the roof of the Knesset is lined with solar panels. This building, familiar to so many people from television and the news, serves thousands of people every day. The green initiative has been able to shave off 1/3 of the energy usage. — ‎at ‎The Knesset - הכנסת‎.‎

Russell Rothman looks at original prints by "Psalmist with a Camera" author and photographer Gail Rubin. This gallery at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory is named for the late photographer. Read about Gail Rubin's murder by terrorists and her funeral here

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

At the Jerusalem Bird Observatory: Banding and releasing a few of the millions of birds who fly over Israel

At the Jerusalem Bird Observatory: Banding and releasing a few of the millions of birds who fly through Israel as they migrate to destinations from Saudi Arabia to South Africa.
Volunteer bird bander at work. These identification bands will enable tracking of the birds in years to come as they migrate.
Arriving at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory - right next door to the Knesset! Who knew? What a gem!

Getting an overview on the volunteers, how the Observatory is run, and on the species that can be found here.

Lisa and Michelle enjoying the sun and a spot of tea at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.

The flight path and where the birds stop along the way.

Michelle gets ready to release a banded bird.

Getting a briefing from Amir Balaban, co-director of the Jerusalem bird observatory and wildlife artist at SPNI.

500 million (yes, you heard that right) fly though Israel on their way to other destinations along the bird flight path.

Amir Balaban with one of the volunteer bird banders at work. Bird whisperers!