Thursday, February 12, 2009

Songs of Love needs your help

We associate love with this time of year and Valentine's Day. Maybe gifts are a little bit harder to buy in the current economy. I don't want to belabour that point, but I would like to ask your help with a very special non-profit organization that is dear to my me and whose founder is very close to my heart. A donation to Songs of Love is the right gift to give this Valentine's Day.

John Belzer, founder of Songs of Love, has been providing customized songs for sick children for years. I am proud to call John my friend, and I urge you to visit the Songs of Love website and learn more about him and how his vision came to be.

Each song is written by a songwriter who has an information sheet on the child that describes their likes/dislikes, their friends and family, even a beloved pet, television show, type of music or food, book, etc. The songwriter then writes a song for that child, and incorporates all the pertinent information -- not the easiest thing to do.

I contributed a song for a little girl named Amanda, and I personally know the joy that this work brings into the lives of the child, and especially to their family and loved ones. I talk about Songs of Love everywhere I go, to anyone who'll listen! It is my personal desire to see them continue to do their good works and not to worry about the financials.

Please visit the Songs of Love website now and see for yourself. Here's John's appeal. Please give generously!

I also encourage you to check out some of the Songs of Love YouTubes, such as this one (get out your handkerchiefs):

Check out this segment on CBS 60 Minutes and GET INVOLVED!


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