Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do not miss this show!

The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy was scheduled to play a full-band, all-out rock show at Desmond's Tavern in Manhattan this Friday night, but we will instead be playing an EVEN MORE SPECIAL acoustic set featuring Dan and Gianluis (our new bassist). Our drummer Bobby unfortunately had a death in his extended family and cannot peform, but rather than cancel we other 2 guys decided to offer this special treat.

Says Dan of the change of plans, "It just so happens that I just came back from a solo acoustic tour in Arizona, so I'm certainly in gear for the stripped down thing. Those shows, and other acoustic shows I've played lately have had a lot of energy to them as I've learned to make up for sparse instrumentation, and having Gian contributing his bass and vocals is going to make it all sound nice and full, and display the craft of the songs perhaps more than our electric shows where underpaid sound people botch up our mix.

"PLUS," Sheehan adds, "folks can bring their parents, grandparents, and folkie friends who otherwise might mistake our electric guitar and drum-laden shows for Ozzfest."

So there you have it, folks. Come on down to Desmond's Tavern, 433 Park Ave South (bet. 29th & 30th) Friday night with $7 or more and check out this unique DSC experience!!!

8:00 Ryan Voster
8:45 All Out Riot
9:30 Dan and Gianluis of the Dan Sheehan Conspiracy
(212) 725- 9864

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