Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rosh Hashana festive cuisine a la Kraar

Yona has great sway over us -- we're going veggie. So great news about that: the challah can be dairy. Here's our menu, which I'm posting in case you need some inspiration in the kitchen right about now.

No one said that meat had to be the boss of you!

Choc. chip/currant challah
Veg. Shepherd's pie
Masha's kugel
Xmas apple sauce

CHALLAH -- THIS challah will have five cups of flour, including rye, soft, hard, whole wheat, handful of corn flour, and unbleached, all mixed together, whatever I had leftover from my JohnVince adventures. I'll also chop some unsweetened Bakers Chocolate in the processor, add a generous handful of tiny dried currants, sugar in place of honey, canola oil in place of olive oil, and milk to make up half the quantity of water. Why? Because it's half-cake, half-bread. Think of the french toast we will have afterward! You can butter it with real butter! During dinner!

SHEPHERD'S PIE -- The main meal is veggie shepherd's pie using several kinds of veggie meat, some of which will be processed in the grinder.

SWEET POTATO KUGEL -- And Masha's incredible sweet potato kugel (again, write for recipe) with marshmallows on top, just how Marty loves it.

SALAD -- Salad, of course, in Masha's famous salad spinner. Whatever is in the fridge goes in the bowl.

X-MAS APPLESAUCE -- And home-made apple sauce made from the cheapo bin apples for a buck a bag. Peel, core and cook. What makes it special is you put it in a clear glass serving bowl and set aside while you shuck a pomegranate in the sink. Clean up the seeds, then throw as many as desired into your cooled apple sauce. In the light you will see these beautiful red luminescent orbs in your all-natural dessert, shining like Christmas bulbs. Try it!

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