Monday, January 08, 2007

TZAREVNA: My Dream Word
and I finally got to play it!

Marty and I are getting back into the Scrabble swing a bit. He still swears that he will not be coerced by me (or anyone else on my behalf!) to come to a tournament, but there is no denying that the guy is a master strategist. I've been on a real streak -- losing every game we've played all weekend long. I exchanged tiles at least three or four times per game, re-drawing five I's or three As with nothing but vowels and clunky dross.

Early in this game Marty double doubled on me with SOCKETS for 109 points. That was just as I thought I was going to have my big comeback.
I exchanged twice after that -- once seven tiles, and then next play six, before playing ODOUR for 16, which Marty followed with MIXER for 42.

It took me no time to find TZAREVNA for 108 (always a bridesmaid!!) and I was ahead by a hair. Despite GuARDeD for 65 not long afterward I was still behind, and only came ahead when I pulled and used whatever was left in the bag, wherever opportunity presented itself. It was my only victory all weekend long.

Hey Marty, get back to the tournaments, honey! You are a monster! xoxoxoxo

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