Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Here's a poem by Yona. I'm so proud of her! I want to give credit to the Teaneck Community Charter School for inspiring her to greater heights!

The Aftermath
by yona mcgraw 7/8-1

how quickly 5 years have fled,
how much our hearts have bled,
so many lives were lost,
at such an extreme cost,
too many innocent people perished,
but are still forever cherished,
the buildings had collapsed early in the day,
it took almost a year for the distruction to be cleaned away,
such an aweful time in out past,
though it wasn't the first, it was hopefully the last,
it left our flags half staf,
and our country divided in half,
of all the great things, this we have the least,
it's the most important; we like to call it peace,
after the tradgety, we tried to pull together,
to help heal the trauma, though some were wounded forever,
why can't we stop the war,
they keep piling up more and more,
the influence was set by the men of yesterday,
and by the current generation, so now the youth must pay,
instead of violence, this is an important decision to make,
to go with peace, for you see, to go without is to make a big mistake.

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