Thursday, May 11, 2006


NOW MAY 11 - 17, 2006 VOL. 25 NO. 37

T.O. Music Notes

Upcoming, Mamapalooza, Lula Lounge, May 14

If you're only thinking roses and chocolates when it comes to Mother's Day, Mamapalooza wants to change that. The brainchild of expat New Jersey-based Lynda Kraar (previously Lynda Marks), the daytime event hits the Lula Lounge May 14, bringing together local musicians eager to honour moms. On the hefty bill, among others, are Choirgirlz , Lenore, the Mad Housewives and the all-women Yiddish swing outfit the Sisters of Sheynville.

The Sisters, led by Lenka Lichtenberg and Isabel Fryszberg , started out as a near tribute band to the 30s group the Barry Sisters, but are now peppering their shtick-laden set with original material.

Lichtenberg, a mother of three, says she'll be bringing the kids to the gig, though it's not as if they've never heard her play.

"They know the material a little too well," the ebullient Lichtenberg admits. "We've been doing most of our rehearsing at our house. But I can't imagine a better way to celebrate Mother's Day -- with music and with the family."

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