Friday, February 17, 2006

KNITTING UPDATE -- Although I'm back to the Land of the Great Snows, I wanted you to see my update on the Knitting Olympics, which I filed from St. Martin earlier this week...
ST. MARTIN French West Indies -- I am going for the gold with everything I've got. Despite impossible weather conditions (it was in the 80s, F., balmy, bright and breezy) I managed to knit up a mohair mix boot sock. I had a lot of resistance from the 45 spf zinc sun screen, which glued the long, unruly natural fibres to my body. The humidity grabbing hold of the porous bamboo needles also slowed me down. But the brightness of the tropical sun was like a burning orb of gold, urging me on, row after purl, pink knit, orange purl, orange knit. I am confident that I will complete this challenge and emerge victorious. Back to the salt mines for now.
Humbly submitted,
Lynda Kraar

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