Sunday, January 22, 2006

Toronto "mom rock" event
exceeds wildest dreams!

We had an amazing day. It truly exceeded our wildest expectations. The Globe and Mail put in a brief which attracted a few mums. Some heard about it on the radio. Based on what we saw, we are certain there are loads more out there!

We had ten acts including two quite amazing grandmothers: Debbie Fleming (above) and the Choir Girlz wowed 'em with a couple of jaw-droppers about the domestic life. Melody Ranch favourite Sandi Marie (below) cut loose with her observations on family life.

And speaking of Sandi Marie, she is generously extending her gig next month at Grossman's Tavern to guest mom talent and bands. The date is Thursday, Feb. 23. If you would like to participate, you can contact Sandi via her website.

There were more, and I will post in days to follow. Everyone was totally blown away at the range and scope of the talent. Of course, there plenty of kids in tow, supporting their mums.

FLASH! We are solid on the official Mamapalooza Toronto venue and date: Make a note:

Lula Lounge
Mother's Day (Sunday, May 14)
1585 Dundas St. West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M6K 1T9
Reservations and Inquiries: 416.588.0307
We're doing it in the afternoon into the evening. Bring your family and celebrate Mother's Day with your mom....and ours!

Best overheard line from a dad to his son: "Don't touch the lady's axe!"

Moms Rock! Get involved!


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