Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tidings from the New Orleans Potholes Brass Band

Good news! The Potholes have a tour lined up in Europe. If you are anywhere near where they will be, go see 'em! Here's the post which I received from band leader Rob Espino last night. I can't rave enough about him and the music that he creates.

To all my music, knitting and Scrabbling friends -- this is a do-not-miss! Support New Orleans' finest!


Hey beautiful!!!
Thank you so much for everything! You are the best! Thankfully we have been putting together a huge New Orleans show in Europe. So far it is myself on tuba, Mark Braud on trumpet, Lucien Barbarin on bone, Kerry Lewis on Bass (we will switch off between sets), Gerald French on drums, Charmaine Neville on vocals, and Tom Fisher on Clarinet, and I'm not sure who the piano player is.

But here is a rough schedule of where we are going. There is more to add on but so you can get an idea.

thanks again

31 London

01 London
02 London
03 London
04 London
05 London
06/07 Edimburgh
08 Inverness
09/10 Madrid, Spain
11 Madrid, Spain
12/13 Pamplona, Spain
14/15/16/17 Barakaldo, Spain
18/19/20 San Sebastian, Spain
21/22 Valencia, Spain
23 Murcia, Spain
24 Vitoria, Spain
25/26 Lisbon, Portugal
27 Oviedo, Spain

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